Introduction of Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2009 triggered an unprecedented response from a broad range of industries and economic agents. Central banks announced possibility of initiating national cryptocurrencies and key industrial players like IBM and Microsoft went on exploring permissioned blockchains, while technology space kept introducing new cryptocurrencies and supporting “Proof-of-... “ algorithms. Groundbreaking innovations entered the market, offering opportunities as well as challenges. Due to the digital nature of a phenomena, computer science, engineering and cryptography became the first fields to consider academic framework, with economists and econometricians to follow swiftly, raising issues like:

  • what is the essential and dynamic properties of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple;
  • what is the relation among the cryptocurrencies and that to traditional financial institutions as well as central banks;
  • what could be the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain;
  • what role can Singapore, as gateway and financial hub in Asia-Pacific, play in the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

All those questions involve interdisciplinary aspects and motivated to launch the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Seminar (CBS) series. CBS offers a platform for integration of research sources among Singapore and worldwide researchers, bridging industry with academia and promoting interdisciplinary collaborations. The seminar series focuses on recent developments of the blockchain technology as well as new areas of applications such as smart contracts and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). CBS is launching a regularly biweekly meetup for academics and industry professionals to share research findings and explore grounds for co-operation.

CBS is targeting audience of academics on all levels, interested students and research orientated industry. We look forward to seeing you all!




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